Dog Heat Symptoms And Dog Diapers

A friend of mine came over and saw my dog wearing her dog diapers. She asked if my dog was in heat and what the symptoms of a dog in heat are? Being a wise guy I course answered that my dog (Roxy) just enjoys looking cute wearing her doggie diaper. I said of course the dog is in heat and the symptoms of a dog in heat are bleeding/discharge, swelling of the vulva and frequent urination. The heat cycle will last approximately 21 days and occur once every six months. The first cycle a female puppy gets will start at the age of about six months. Your dog can only get pregnant while she is in heat. You can still walk and exercise your dog but watch out for male dogs. It only takes a second for the two of them to get locked up. A good thing about the dog diapers is that they can work as a chastity belt or at least delay them enough so you can get there and break up the action.
My wife purchased our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from an older lady that had intentions of breeding the dog. The lady had gotten ill and could no longer care for the dog. Now we have a decision to make get the dog fixed or let her have puppies. At this point I’m not sure of what we are going to do. She just got over her heat cycle and no longer has to wear her home made doggie diapers.

Cute Dog Diaper Video

This a is a cute video of a dog named Lucky needing dog diapers because of a heart condition. The woman in the video also uses This Wizdog Indoor Dog Potty insted of pee pads.